Alfa Romeo Giulia is an exquisite Italian Sedan model that makes the Adrenalin pump-even before you get behind the wheels. Giulia is an amazing model with exquisite design with consummate finish that is appeal in all ramifications. 
The Giulia is made of high-quality exclusive carbon fiber driveshaft. Typically made for speed and superb aero-dynamics, the shaft is lighter than aluminum and stronger than steel to save weight without sacrificing optimum performance. 
In 2020,  it increases performance and enhances comfort, the carbon fiber dampens and absorbs vibrations and road noise. 
What is NEW?
Greater than the sum of its parts
The 2020 Giulia features a redesigned interior with updated interior trims and elements, making for an easier and more comfortable drive.  
8.8-inch Touchscreen
Everything is a tap away. The new 8.8-inch touchscreen includes available 3D Navigation and a customized icon layout that helps make accessing media and tools easier and more convenient.  
Wireless Charging
Do not be tied down. Convenient available wireless charging helps keep the cabin free and clear of wires and clutter.  
Active Driver Assistance Package
Give yourself a hand. Limited autonomous driving and alert features in the available Active Driver Assistance Package help make drivers safe and secure.  
Updated Center Console
All within your control. The stylish center console features a functional layout with redesigned buttons for more streamlined, accessible cabin control.  

Alfa Romeo Giulia Trims

 Alfa Romeo Giulia Starting from $50,445
 Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti Starting from $52,445
 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Starting from $90,945

Performance-Primed for Performance

Power, handling and efficiency work together in harmony to deliver an unwavering driving experience. All-aluminum 2.0L turbocharged 4 Cylinder Engine. From the low, idling growl to its full-throated roar, the all-aluminum 2.0L turbocharged engine's sound is impossible to ignore as it delivers 280 Horsepower and a 0-60 mph time of 5.1 seconds

280 Horsepower  306 lb-ft of torque 240 km/h top speed

Balancing Act

Alfa Romeo vehicles are engineered from the top down in order to achieve near-perfect 50/50 weighty distribution. Doing so helps give the Giulia superb handling and steering across a variety of conditions and payloads, helping create a safer, smoother drive with better grip, traction and control. 


Safety and Security

Unnoticed until it is needed. All of the safety and security features within Giulia are designed to help maximize effectiveness without detracting from the driving experience. 

   Drive with Confidence
Standard forward collision warning plus gives audio and visual warnings when approaching another vehicle too quickly, applying the brakes if necessary. 

   Expert Manoeuvres
Standard in every Giulia, backup cameras and rear park sensors help ensure safety and security when backing into and out of parking spots so you can keep your Giulia in pristine condition. 

Active Driver Assistance
The following safety and security features included in the available Active Driver Assistance Package use visual and audio cues to help drivers to hazardous situations, as well as intuitive design to help decrease distraction. 

 Highway and traffic Jam Assist
Highway and Traffic Jam Assist features can automatically correct speed and driver drift based on traffic conditions as city and highway speeds. 
 Lane Keep Assist
Lane Keep Assist uses subtle steering adjustments to decrease unintended land departures, helping to create a safe driving experience. 
  Drive Attention Alert
Steering wheel sensors actively monitor driver attentiveness and give subtle audio cues to help promote safe, undistracted driving. 
Active Blind Spot Assist
Rear-mounted sensors provide a visual warning when other drivers are in your blind spot zone to help reduce the likelihood of rear-end collisions and accidents while switching lanes. 

Intelligent speed control and traffic sign recognition
Visual software onboard the Giulia recognizes traffic and spend limit signage and automatically adjusts the speed control. 
Steering wheel Bluetooth Control
The standard steering wheel Bluetooth control allows drivers to interact with multimedia without taking their hands off the wheel.  
Alfa Romeo of Toronto
Nothing compares to the joy that the Alfa Romeo Toronto has announced their offering of the 2020 Alfa Romeo Giulia to the market! Being able to offer one of the few cars people have been looking forward to is such a great honour. Right from helping you with the specification of the vehicle with all its models to ordering your dream car and have it delivered to your doorstep, we are pleased to be a great help all the way. 

Dedicated to offering vehicles with extra-ordinary features and cars that offer an enhanced experience, we cannot tell how much we are looking forward to helping you get behind the wheels of your dream vehicle!

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